A1 Lebanese Bakery was originally established in 14th March 1992 when Elias Farah, his brother in Law Chafic Choueiry and their wifes Nadia and Noha opened a bakery on Sydney Road, Brunswick the heart of the Northern Suburb commercial centre. The Bakery had a big variety of bread (khobz), pita, pies, Lebanese pizza and Mediterranean groceries. The shop had a huge success from the first week as it has a Lebanese bakery, pastry and a Middle Eastern Grocery all in one convenient location. It was just what the customers needed in that time, a gathering place with good food and a hospitible service. As the demand and appreciation for this authhentic Lebanese bread has grown, they opened a manufacturing plant in 1997 and started delivering their range of breads all over Melbourne. The growing customer demand for their products was an incentive for A1 Lebanese Bakery to open a large shop in Dandenong. In 2002, Elias Farah took essential team members from Sydney Rd Shop to establish the large operation in Dandenong havingthe same concepts as the first shop. In less than one year of operation, A1 Lebanese Bakery won the 2003  Award of Best Shop in Dandenong for its cleanliness. decor and quality food. In 2004, A1 Lebanese Bakery started Franchising his Brand name and style of operation. The management opens the shop, operate it for a while, tain the franchisee on their secret recipe for breads and pastries and their management style then keep on over viewing the quality and give assistance when needed. The first Franchisee was the shop in Dandenong. Then in July 2006, A1 Lebanese Bakery opened their 3rd shop in Lalor for Breads and Pastries and gave it as a Franchise after a while. In January 2007, Chafic Choueiry decided to retire and Elias Farah carried on the operation by himself. Today A1 Lebanese Bakery is still committed to give the same fresh breads and pastries and is now producing a larger variety of products like Organic multi-grain bread, a larger variety of pastries and a wider product range of middle Eastern Grocery.
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