Amity Halal Meat & Grocery is dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, convenient and affordable Halal products. Amity is a full service butcher shop serving all of Washington Area. And we are also pleased to announce that Halal Meats Wholesale is now offering home delivery of these great tasting 100% Halal products to households in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Here, you can find the freshest choice cut beef, fresh lamb and veal, all natural poultry shipped in daily. And since this is a full service shop, you always leave with exactly what you came for. We start with only the finest meats & seafoods Consider our steaks and other beef cuts. Amity Shop professionals select only HALAL Choice, well-marbled beef for that authentic flavor. Our fresh meat must pass the same rigorous selection standards. We prepare to perfection Every good butcher knows that the secret to great-tasting beef is natural aging. We fully age our beef in ideal temperature and humidity conditions. It's a step that takes time, money and work, but it's essential to tender, flavorful beef. And economy stores and shops often skip it. Our professional butchers cut and trim all our meats by hand to bring out the very best taste the meat has to offer. But we don't make a single cut until you place your order to help guarantee your gift arrives at the peak of freshness. We package & ship for peak freshness Our fine meats are individually vacuum-packed, flash frozen to lock in flavor and sealed in an attractive gift box within an insulated cooler. Your gift is then promptly delivered to its destination to arrive when you specify, along with a personalized gift card and preparation instructions, if necessary. The Amity Meat Guarantee All Amity Meat products arrive with a 100% unconditional guarantee. If you're not fully satisfied, we will gladly replace or refund your purchase.
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