Our Story Standing knee deep in snow, in the midst of a frigid Upstate New York Winter, college Freshman Adam Lippin sunk his teeth into his first authentic Buffalo wing. That bite in 1981 was the moment that began his mission to bring these hot, crispy delicacies back to New York City – a place where you could find anything, except authentic chicken wings. Just a few short years later, his dream had become a reality. After perfecting the process, recipe, and art behind the perfect chicken wing, Atomic Wings opened up shop in New York City. Soon, thousands of New Yorkers were flocking to the Upper East Side location to get their taste of authentic, awesome, Atomic Wings. It is our mission to share our passion with the world far beyond New York City, with locations spanning the East coast and internationally into Mexico. As the business grows, so has the menu, which offers a range of proprietary sauces and entrees to please any preference. In addition to the classic menu items, Atomic Wings has added local favorites and regional specials to their locations around the country. As Atomic Wings continues to evolve with exciting new taste profiles to feature alongside their classic Buffalo wings, the commitment to quality, authenticity, and a great casual dining experience remains at the core of all things Atomic Wings.  
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