THE JOURNEY A dream that started in a little corner shop in Erdington in 1984 today stands as a reality. Two brothers kept together by a Mother’s ambition and her values coupled by a desire to become something one day. Both brothers dared to enter the business market at a time which had challenges of its own. Young and full of energy both worked after school and over the weekend and followed their mother’s foot-steps and worked hard to sustain the family business. Working from 5.30 in the morning selling newspapers, sweets and groceries to the morning factory workers till 3.00am the following morning 7 days a week working in their first Chip shop selling Kebabs and Chicken to the night clubbers and night workers. They have kept their first takings - a £5 note used to pay for packet of cigarettes and  a Sun newspaper by their first customer. The note sits in a frame in their office as a reminder of the hard times and despite looking at the skies, it’s made both of them keep their feet firmly on solid ground. Pioneers of the 99p meal deal back in the 90’s not only gave the customers a good value deal but also told the competition that Big Johns had arrived providing a good quality meal, with a friendly and fast service in a refreshing environment. BigJohn's was here to stay and told others to up their game and raise their standards or face closureToday in 2012 the Brand stands proud boasting of 17 stores in the Midlands run privately or as franchises. Mom passed away in August 2008 but her dream lives on. Plans to roll out the chain to the Greater Midlands and beyond are not far from reality. BigJohn's provides something for everyone, All your takeaway favourites under one roof. Dad may want a kebab, kids may want some chicken and mom may fancy a pizza. Little bit of everything for everyone. THE MISSION Everything we do at BigJohn’s demonstrates our deep-seated foundation of values and illustrates our firm belief in providing fresh food at an affordable price. Our customers reside at the core of our business and are of utmost importance to us. We value our customers and their feedback and make our best efforts to incorporate their thoughts, compliments and criticism in our strategies. Our strap-line is “ALL YOUR TAKEAWAY FAVOURITES UNDER ONE ROOF”, evidently, we endeavour to provide a range of high quality food options on our menus and provide a variety of choice in a clean and welcoming environment. BigJohn’s source food from its central distribution to all stores and make sure that the freshness of all our food items is preserved till it reaches our customers. BigJohn’s works with suppliers who share similar business and ethical values. We ensure that our food is always fresh and our supply chain is sustainable. We at BigJohn’s cater to all needs, occasions and customers from different ethnic backgrounds. BigJohn’s is a great place to work and has created a number of jobs in different parts of West Midlands. We are proud that our work force comes from varied ethnic backgrounds and bring the spark of culture to our stores. We value our employees, evident from the fact that some members of staff have provided us their valuable support since BigJohn’s came into existence. We appreciate the hard work and sweat that our employees have put into our business and have made it possible to come this far. THE COMMUNITY At BigJohn's we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, from sustainable resources to neighbourhood litter campaigns, we look to minimise our local and global footprint - something which is an ongoing policy at Big John's. We play an important role in the community, from the role our stores play in local community high streets to the numerous local sponsorships to donations to sports groups and school projects. THE AWARD WINNING ENTERPRISE We are very proud to have been recognised by a number of local, regional and national award bodies for our outstanding contribution to community, entrepreneurship and the fastfood business. We continue to strive for the optimum performance in all areas of our business. FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY BigJohn's is an award-winning business which has a growing reputation for quality, variety and value for money in the fast food industry. As BigJohn's continues to expand it's unique brand, an expert management team has been assembled to provide a unique and individual franchise opportunity which includes full training, guidance and support along with the strength of the BigJohn's brand and philosophy. There has never been a better time for self-motivated individuals, couples or groups to join the success of BigJohn's. For further details send your initial enquiry of interest to: Download our Franchise Application Form pdf LETS TALK  RUBBISH  At BigJohn's we admit that one of our ideas is rubbish. We know food businesses can produce a lot of it, so we make ours from recycled materials and use less harmful bleaches as you can see from our natural packaging. But we need you to do your bit too. Please dispose of your litter carefully, recycle it where you can. Or bring it back to us and we will dispose of it properly.
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