Welcome to Chaopraya Eat Thai Restaurant Eat -Thai integrates Royal Thai dishes with traditional recipes, using only the finest and most authentic ingredients in the process. At Chaopraya Eat-Thai, such the ingredients are served throughout, including many which are flown in directly from Thailand. The menu offered to our guests is an accurate reflection of the finest Thai dishes and genuine Thai cuisine. Traditional Royal Thai Menu; Thai cuisine integrates many cultural and historical elements, developing and adapting such influences to a state of culinary perfection. Therefore, each dish has its own intellectual heritage and position within Thai tradition. Within the palaces and the royal courts, the preparation of food was regarded as a magnificent art. Generation after generation refined and perfected the recipes and presentation of each dish to create a visual delight, both delicious and healthy. Chaopraya Eat-Thai provides the ambiances of these ancient royal recipes and tastes from original source will be appreciated among true Thai cuisine lovers. Fusion Menu: Blending Thai identity with international styling; Chaopraya Eat-Thai in London offers something completely new – a sophisticated twist on the traditional Thai Menu. Our Executive chef, Nipon Senkaewsai, believes that food is culture as well as fashion. To create the fashion dishes, he has to respect the tradition of origin whilst delivering authentic Thai tastes and flavors . He experimented with different cuisines and cooking methods, selecting the best  to suit the dish. The fusion dishes are stylish, chic and innovative. We are very proud to be able to offer our guests the enjoyment of a new and unique culinary experience.
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