Why Ours Because our kababs: have no MSG, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors are made with fresh ingredients only, local & organic whenever possible are mildly spiced (but still bursting with flavor, never bland) are always made with 100% certified halaal meat My family hails from Karachi, Bombay and Punjab, and so, inevitably, food is an integral part of my life. My mother, my aunts, and my older sister, are all amazing cooks. I was lucky to have eaten their cooking and to have learned their art while still a teen.After ten years in Corporate America, I started Curry Village Foods in 2010 to give Pakistani and Indian Cuisine in the Bay Area an all-natural makeover. Sold out cooking classes in Saratoga led to gourmet entrees in Bay Area freezers. Then followed fresh, Indian & Pakistani entrees made with love and integrity. Most recently, our catering service to Bay Area offices is our commitment to free offices from preservative-laden, artificially flavored and unnaturally colored lunches.I am a member of Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Funds, a grass root effort to protect the right of farmers, Weston A. Price Foundation, dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet, and Farm Sanctuary , which works to protect farm animals from cruelty. Read more about our Giving Program here>>This is the food we and our kids enjoy at our home; we hope you and your family will also enjoy the authentic, wholesome, and intensely flavorful Indian/near-eastern cuisine we offer.In health,Zareen KhanCook - Food Activist  
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