Since 2005, Deli Moroccan opened its first restaurant in the busy Arab Street. The Chef Jamal has the passion in cooking the authentic  Moroccan dishes. Moroccan cuisine is a very diverse cuisine, with many influences, due to the interaction of Morocco with the outside world for centuries. The cuisine of Morocco is a mix of Berber, Moorish, Mediterranean, and Arab influences. The cooks in the royal kitchens of Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh, Rabat and Tangier refined Moroccan cuisine over the centuries and created the basis for what is known as Moroccan cuisine today. Bussorah Street This is the main tourist draw in Kampong Glam. Running from Beach Road to Baghdad Street, Bussorah Street is a short alley lined with  two-storey shophouses. Shop for curios like vintage clocks and toys, or simply wander around to get a taste of days gone by. Bussorah Street is a part of Arab Street Arab Street Running from North Bridge Road to Beach Road, Arab Street is is probably the best place in Singapore to find anything related to Malay and Arab culture, from head scarves to accessories, books on Islam and ethnic Malay costumes such as the baju kurung (or ba-jee for short).  
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