Member Agreement

The present Membership Agreement arranges the rules related with becoming a member of the present website where membership is prevented if the present agreement is not accepted. The present agreement should be read carefully as acceptance shall mean that you agree and undertake to abide by the rules pertaining to the use of this website. Passing the said stage shall mean that you agree the following provisions.

1.PARTIES internet sitesi-ÖrnekMahallesiErcümentBatanaySokak No:14Ataşehir / İstanbul /Turkey

Internet user becoming a member of ("Member")


The subject of this agreement is to determine the conditions of benefiting from the services which are or will be presented through and the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

The scope of the present agreement is the statements such as various remarks, warnings and explanations of regarding the use, membership and services of the website. By accepting the provisions of the present Agreement, the member is deemed to accept any statement made by regarding the use, membership and services. The member agrees, declares and undertakes that he will behave in accordance with the issues mentioned in the statements.


The member declares and undertakes that the personal and similar other information provided while becoming a member to website are correct before the laws, and that the member shall compensate all of the damages and losses to be incurred by in case the said information are not true.

The member could not give the password which is given to itself by to the other persons or corporations and the right of using the mentioned password belongs to the member in person. reserves all kinds of rights of compensation and similar other requests resulting from the mentioned unauthorized usage of and from any kinds of claims and requests to be put forward against by the third persons or the authorized bodies   arising because of the same reason.

The member agrees and undertakes in advance to observe and not to violate the provisions of the legal regulations while using services. Any actions and transactions that may cause the software and hardware systems of the Site to be damages, adversely affect the functioning of the Site or cause the Site to slow down are prohibited. The mentioned prohibition shall also cover multiple queries or multiple membership registrations through the use of automatic programs, or multiple request or information submission to the site through automatic methods. shall have the right to prevent access of members proven to carry out such activities and start legal action, where all the legal and penal liabilities will bind fully and exclusively the members.

The member may not use  website and portal services in any  manner by means of disturbing the public order, in violation with the general ethical rules, in the manner disturbing and abusing the others, for an illegal purpose and by means of violating the copyrights  and intellectual rights of the others and could not present the services received to the usage of the 3rd persons and may not make it subject for the commercial activities such as renting or presenting to sales. In addition to this, the member may not perform activities (spam, virus, Trojan horse, etc) and transactions which prevent or make difficult the usage of the services of the others.

The opinions and ideas which are declared, written and used by the members in website are the personal opinions of the members themselves and the opinions bind the owners only. These opinions and ideas do not have any relationship with The responsibility of not giving any personal information about the members themselves or others belongs to the members. does not have any responsibility because of the damages and losses to be incurred by the third persons because of the opinions and ideas to be declared by the member and the damages and losses arising from the actions and behaviours of the third persons to be incurred by the Customer during the usage of the services. shall not be responsible for the member data being read by unauthorized persons and for the damages and losses to the software and data. The member agreed in advance not to request any compensation because of any loss incurring as a result of using the  website and portal services.

The member agrees not to reach or not to use the software and data of the other internet users without authorization. Otherwise, the legal and penal responsibilities arising from this shall belong to the member completely.

The member that violates one or several of the articles which are listed in this membership agreement shall be responsible for such violation criminally and legally and shall keep free from the legal and penal consequences of these violations. In addition to this; in case the event is transferred to the legal area because of this violation, then www.thehalalworld.comreserves the right to claim compensation from the member because of the failing to comply with the membership agreement. shall have the right to delete the membership of the member unilaterally whenever it is considered necessary  and to delete the files, information and documents belonging to the customer. The member accepts this disposal in advance. In this case, shall not have any responsibility at all.

The completeness, accuracy, sufficiency and actuality of all kinds of information which takes part in website are not guaranteed and undertaken by in any manner. The user may not claim that the information which takes part in its website and/or the portal services are faulty or that they have incurred damages and losses based on such information. could always change, correct and/or remove the mentioned information and/or portal services without further any notification and/or notice in any manner or method. has taken any kinds of measures in order to ensure that its website and portal services are error free. In addition to this, no guarantee is given related to the present or potential failures in the website., board members, managers, employees, persons preparing the information taking part in this website and/or the portal services cannot be kept responsible for any direct and/or indirect, material and/or moral positive and/or negative and namely any type of damages and losses resulting from accessing the website or using, whether directly or indirectly,   the information taking part in the website and/or portal services.

Including but not limited to any materials and documents available at website are the property of, and the copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights concerning these materials and documents are legally protected, and these materials and documents cannot be used, acquired and modified by the member without authorization. The other companies and their products which are mentioned in this website are the trademarks of their owners and, in addition to this, these are also protected by intellectual property rights.

The materials and documents in cannot be modified, copied, reproduced and republished by the member in any manner.

Aiming to improve and develop the website or within the scope of the legal regulations, may collect some information such as the name of the internet service provide and the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to access the website, the date and time of access, pages viewed and the internet address of the website ensuring direct connection to the website.

In order to present better services to its users, to improve its products and services and facilitate the usage of the website, may  use the personal information of the members in the studies which are carried out on the preferences and  interest areas of the members. reserves the right to accommodate the registration of the movements which are made on website while the member is using the portal services. shall have the right to gather information about its members through various legal technological tools and use these information at its own advertisement publication system and content system.

Relevant measures under the current circumstances have been taken in order to keep free from any viruses and other malicious software, However, users are obliged to maintain their own virus protection system and ensure that the required protection for ultimate security is in place at all times. In this context, the member is deemed to accept the responsibility for all errors which may occur in his/her own software and operating systems due to accessing, as well as to assume all direct or indirect consequences of such errors. All the information gathered at is kept in a secure environment which is not open to general use. In order to protect the said information, uses any type of industrial standards. However, no guaranty is given with respect to security issues. reserves to change the website contents at any time, to change or terminate any service which is provided to the users or to delete the user information and data which are registered in its website may change, update or cancel the conditions of the membership agreement at any time without any prior notification and/or official warning notice in any manner or method. Each provision modified, updated or invalidated shall be valid with regard to all of the members on the date of publication.

The parties agree and declare that all the computer records belonging to shall be taken into consideration in full compliance with the laws properly and as only and actual exclusive evidence and the mentioned records shall establish an evidence contract in accordance with the article 287 of the Civil Procedures Law.

The user may request anytime to be removed from the database by sending an e-mail to


Abiding by the Privacy Policy which is an integral part of the present agreement, may use the information concerned with the members out of the scope of the present agreement. Abiding by the Privacy Policy which is an integral part of the present agreement, may disclose or use  the private information of the members out of the scope of the present agreement.

5. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS has been using all the elements, including but not limited to the design, text, image, html code and other codes (referred to hereinafter as the items subject to the copyright of under the licence rights belonging to and/or licence rights received from a third party by The members, may not resell, share, distribute, display the services of www.thehalalworld.comi, information of and the copyright of  and may not permit third person to access or use the services of Otherwise, they will be responsible to cover the compensation claimed from by the third parties for their losses, including the licence holders, including the court and lawyer expenses. The members may not reproduce, distribute or perform the outputs  of subject to copyright or prepared studies derived from the same.

The right of related with any assets, real and personal rights, commercial knowledge and know-how including any kind of intangible and intellectual property rights held through services, information, copyrighted studies, trademarks, commercial view and websites.




Turkish Law shall be applicable in execution and interpretation of the present agreement and in managing the legal relations arising hereunder. İstanbul Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized in any present or future disputes arising hereunder.

7. AMENDMENT OF THE AGREEMENT may amend the present agreement any time in its sole discretion unilaterally by announcing at the website. Amended provisions shall become effective as of the date they are announced while the validity of the remaining provisions shall continue with the same effect and consequences. The present agreement cannot be amended by the unilateral statement of the members.


The present agreement shall be effective until the member cancels his membership or cancels the membership of the member. may cancel and membership and terminate the present agreement unilaterally if the member violates any provision of the agreement.


The member agrees and declares that the electronic records and system records kept by the database or servers of, commercial records, commercial book records, microfilm, microfishe and computer records will be the reliable, binding, definite and exclusive evidence in any disputes arising hereunder; and that has been hold free from oath and that the present provisions shall serve as an evidence contract in the meaning defined in article 298 of the Civil Procedures Law.


In case of events legally regarded as force majeure, shall not be liable for defective or late performance or non-performance of his duties stated in the present agreement. Such and similar events shall not be regarded as late or defective performance or non-performance or default of or no compensation shall be claimed from under whatsoever title. The term “force majeure” shall be interpreted as events that are beyond the reasonable control of the concerned party or that can not be prevented or avoided despite necessary care of such as including but not limited to natural disaster, riot, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power cut and unfavourable weather conditions.


The present agreement shall come into force by mutual acceptance by the electronic approval of the member. Becoming a member shall mean that the member has read and accepted all the provisions of the membership agreement. The present agreement has been concluded at the time of becoming a member and has come into force mutually.

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