HALAL IN GANDHARA Today we hear word “Halal” very often but do we really understand what does it mean? Halal - (arabic حلال‎‎) — permitted! Halal food is healthy, organic and natural. In our everyday life word Halal became a synonym of food that is allowed for the Muslims but it has a much deeper sacred meaning. In Islam term “Halal” means meat which can be consumed without breaking any of Muslims eating prohibitions. Halal is also related with nearly all human life aspects. In service “Halal” means full compliance with the allowed activities and observance of all restrictions which are required for spiritual worldview of the Muslims. According to the Rules of Sharia only meat of animals that were especially fed for slaughter and whose origin raises no doubts can be eaten. Healthy life style supporters who consume only Halal products are not simply trend followers, they follow common sence by giving preference to natural and proper products. In Gandhara Halal food is cooked in accordance with Muslim traditions using only fresh Halal products. Our Halal menu includes meat, grilled kebabs and shashliks, biryani and curry. Murgh kali mirch – tender chicken fillet marinaded in sesame oil, cashew and black pepper. Served with mixed salad – 550 rub. Tandoor chicken – poult fillet in yoghurt marinade cooked in Tandoor – 550 rub. Lamb sikh kebab – chopped lamb with spice, ginger and garlic, cooked on natural coal – 650 rub, and many others.
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