Thirty years ago, there were a handful of companies which dominated the sale of herbs and spices in small container jars at a high price. Being an experienced retailer at first, this helped us realise there was a need for good value pack sizes rather than the available premium priced products. Furthermore, there was a gap in the ingredient sector for the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern market and so we started to offer large bags of dried herbs at a very low price which were packed by hand in small batches in the basement of our retail store in the West End of London. The operation was based on one labour and the owner. We have been encouraged by the response of the public and this has persuaded us to take it a step further to start importing new lines such as Somaq, Dried Lime, Sage Leaves, Zahter, Hibiscus, and so on. Our philosophy has always been to provide good quality products with generous quantity at the most competitive price. Today, Greenfields enters into its second generation in the family and the philosophy stays the same. We are very grateful to everyone who have, over three decades, purchased our products and moved us from packing our first bag by hand to owning a fully automatic powered operation. We are proud that Greenfields products are now stocked by leading supermarket chains, cash and carry’s, wholesalers, distributors and independents throughout the UK and Ireland. Our commitment is to maintain the quality and value of our core list whilst continuously researching in bringing you new, exciting and innovative products from the continents.
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