For generations, cooking has been part of Chef Hossein’s family—it’s tradition, handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter and in turn daughter to son. Chef Hossein brings his culture, his country’s history and his family’s tradition to the dinning table, serving delicacies that he has learned since childhood and adding his own modern twist while incorporating cuisine from Arabia, the Mediterranean and India. Cooking is his family’s legacy and now he passes it on to his diners and in the process of experiencing his cookery gives them a taste of his heritage.Hossein’s restaurant has been serving fine dining Halal Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Indo-Pakistan cuisine since 1985 in the Philippines, diversifying it with his own innovations while using a wide array of herbs and spices such as Saffron, cumin and such and in the process making special and unique dishes. The ambiance reflects that of Arabian, Persian and South Asian culture blended with Mediterranean influences creating cultural harmony. From Egypt’s honeycomb lamps, Moorish lanterns, Sassanid Persian wood carvings to Indian patterns, Turkish paintings and Islamic artworks.Join Chef Hossein in a journey to a cultural voyage not only to his family’s tradition of cooking but to experience the art, the majesty and the taste of Iran, Arabia and India.
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