“What would our world be like without dreams?” In 1993, Kababji was a dream! The first Kababji outlet opened in Jounieh, north of Beirut in 1993 and was an instant success. Customers’ insatiable appetite for fast, home-style, healthy grilled meats drove Kababji Grill to expand throughout Lebanon, and abroad. And the dream of spreading Kababji concept around the world in 2002 has become a reality! Kababji Grill is a novel approach to fresh and flavorful Lebanese food. We offer you the authentic taste of the past in a modern dish. Kababji serves Lebanese grills, in an open kitchen, charcoal grill, and a brick oven set up with an emphasis on product freshness, healthy cooking, and advanced hygiene standards. The Concept appeals to the modern health-conscious consumers who are increasingly demanding tasty and light food accompanied with a fast yet a pleasant service. Always committed to our brand values, hard work, integrity, quality, teamwork, hospitality, enthusiasm, and pride, we were able to build a well-established brand equity in Lebanon and abroad. “What would our world be like without dreams? And the people who dream them? These people with their dreams, they have inspired us. They have shown us courage to go beyond not just the world’s expectations, but beyond our own” and we, Kababji, are going beyond our own.   Truly Yours, Toufic Khoueiri
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