Kadiri Foods Limited (KFL) has been trading as Kadiri Refreshment House, Kadiri Kitchen and now Kadiri's. Incorporated by the founder, Mr Jamal Kadiri, the company first opened in 1974 and has since been providing authentic Indian cuisine. In an endeavour to reinstate his vision for perfection, Jamal Kadiri regularly modernizes the restaurant interior and has always relied upon his ancestral recipes. All the dishes are cooked with the finest of ingredients and prepared to perfection. "My first goal has always been to maintain the same consistent taste……... as a change quite often does not go down too well with diners. Therefore I have endeavoured to improve the presentation of our food and recognise that the value of simple food presentation goes a long way". Jamal Kadiri One of the most aspiring blessings of Kadiri's that make it successful is that it is a family run business and therefore do not rely on Executive chefs. The manager Moazam Kadiri, orchestrates the day to day running of the business and when Jamal Kadiri is out of the kitchen, Azam Kadiri maintains the quality control. In 2008 Kadiri's went through a refurbishment program to bring about a new trendy image. Our kitchen has the latest equipments, which helps minimize time. One of the latest machines we've had installed is the Rolls Royce of ovens, known as the Rational Combination. The beauty of this machine is that it conserves the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This allows us to produce consistently high quality food, which inspires confidence in the kitchen everyday. There is a "Kadiri's Way." Its about serving food for the heart and soul and satisfying foodies to a level where one bite is never quite enough! Kadiri's fundamental beliefs are enduring and the keys to its continued success.
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