Based on traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation, Kampong Kravers make Curry Puff which you want to sink your teeth into. Thanks to the ladies behind the creation of Kampong Kravers, the flavours that tickle your palette as you take the first bite are a glorious fusion of aroma and taste that reflect diverse cultural and gastronomic nuances. To ensure consistency in taste and crispiness, only fresh herbs, spices and other ingredients are used in the preparation of Kampong Kravers’ curry puffs. In keeping with village (Kampong) traditions, every Kampong Kravers’ Curry Puff, the spiral pastry is individually rolled, filled with fresh ingredients and crimped, entirely by hand. To share this fantastic Malaysian treat with the rest of the world, Kampong Kravers’ curry puffs are available in pre-packaged form ready to be baked in an oven or deep fried as the occasion may require. No defrosting is required. Within 20 minutes, anyone can have a savoury addition to accompany their coffee or tea or as a snack with a zing, anytime of day or night. No added preservatives, colouring or artificial flavourings are used in Kampong Kravers’ curry puffs. The extremely hygienic conditions under which it is prepared plus the blast freezing process used to preserve the blend of its flavours, ensures long lasting quality. Kampong Kravers’ curry puffs are prepared to Halal specifications and has been certified by the relevant agencies to be free of trans-fat and are extremely low in cholesterol. To add variety to the savoury treat which Kampong Kravers deliver, filings of chicken, beef, sardines, spicy anchovies and as a vegetarian option, sweet potato, are available. In keeping with traditional village type dishes, every ingredient used in the preparation of the curry puffs is carefully selected and meets the highest quality standards. Kampong Kravers’ curry puffs do not only taste superb but is available in convenient attractive packing. Available in both cocktail and regular sizes, they are packed in bright cheery yellow boxes. A box of this traditional Malaysian treat makes a wonderful gift for one and all. KAMPONG KRAVERS!…..A Savoury Treat Like Never Before, Anytime! Anywhere!
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