Memoirs of my favourite dishes I have always loved serving my customers with my uniquely created Malaysian cuisine. It brings me great joy that we have served our customers since 1977.I have dedicated my life to this menu and I hope it will be enjoyed by my customers for many more years to come. Kwan Swee Lian aka Madam Kwan Experience Truly Malaysian Cuisine at Madam Kwan’s As a young enthusiastic foodie, Kwan Swee Lian was inspired by the rich cultural mix of cuisine in Malaya. Today, Madam Kwan combines elements of these diverse cultures to share her uniquely created Malaysian Cuisine for all food lovers to enjoy. From the signature Nasi Lemak to “wok” style Hokkien mee, there’s something for everyone to savour those special dishes that is uniquely Malaysian. Quick service with comfort Since 1977, Kwan Swee Lian has always focussed on bringing Malaysian cuisine to everyone who would like to enjoy hawker or wok style treats in the comfort of a cafe-style restaurant. A combination of quick-style service like all street food in Malaysia with the comfort of a business hotel cafe ambience, Madam Kwan's has always strived to put forth this unique setting in their operating standards. Hard work to satisfy your palate It's all about hard work to make sure the quality of the food in Madam Kwan's is on par with Kwan Swee Lian's standards. From the first day she started this business, she has dedicated her life to her uniquely Malaysian menu by giving the best quality ingredients and cooking methods unique to her. She has made the menu not only unique to her but uniquely Malaysian to satisfy your palate.
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