Woks have been synonymous with Chinese cooking since the emergence of Chinese cuisine. They have been used for some 3000 years in China for a variety of cooking methods, including stir frying, boiling and steaming. A wok is a large, thin-walled, round-bottomed, metal cooking pan and shaped like a shallow bowl with handles. Chinese Wok food is fast and nutritious as well as gastronomically & visually stimulating. Food is cut into bite size pieces for rapid cooking. This is the reason you won’t find a knife at a Chinese dining table. An old Chinese saying goes: “People regard food as their prime want.” The three essential factors, by which Chinese cooking is judged, are known as Color, Aroma and Taste. Our cooking relies heavily on the use of a Wok and fresh ingredients. We achieve these vital three factors by careful co-ordination of a series of delicate activities; including selecting ingredients, cutting correctly, mixing flavours, timing the cooking, controlling the heat and finally, laying out the food on the plate for the table. We have a widely varied Chinese food menu for you.
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