Peri Peri Original, is a chain of restaurants specializing in chicken dishes prepared with the Piri Piri chili. The Chili is one of the spiciest chilies around the world, Originating from South Africa. Our founders took this chili and made it their own and made the spiciest sauces out there and hence the birth of Peri Peri Original. Peri Peri Original expanded into the UK with over 20 branches and has finally opened in Pakistan starting off with Lahore. The chicken is marinated in the unique blend of peri peri chili spices, and then cooked to perfection. The Peri-Peri chili pepper, also known as African Bird’s Eye, means “Chili Chili” in the ancient African language of Swahili. Served in quarters, halves and wholes and cooked to spice specifications from Lemon & Herb to Extra Hot. The menu also consists of burgers, pitas, salads, wings, wraps and specialty candied mixed shakes that are an absolute pleasure for the taste buds. Peri Peri Original initially captured the public’s attention with the introduction of Peri, who is the official mascot. Peri is young, energetic and enthusiastic and everyone witnessed this when Peri Peri original Flash mobs were done across Lahore. Some just say he’s Crazy. That’s what being #PeriCrazy is all about.
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