In 2005 a heart health issue motivated me to improve my diet but I couldn't find anywhere serving nutritious, healthy food to go.  It was this that inspired me to launch pod.  Our vision is simple - to help people to enjoy healthier lives. We work towards this every day by aiming to offer the very best fast, good food experience around.  There are now over 20 pods across London and we continue to pioneer a new kind of fast food based on four things we care passionately about:  1.  OUR CUSTOMERS. We aim to do the best thing for our customers each & every time they visit - from remembering how our regulars like their coffee to offering a surprising new flavour that makes a memorable lunch. 2.  OUR PEOPLE. Almost all our store managers started with us as chefs or baristas. We want everybody who works for pod to be proud of what they are doing, be the best they can be, grow their careers and enjoy each day. 3.  HEALTH & NUTRITION. We create food that delivers genuine health benefits - from a shot of immune boosting vitamins to cooking with ingredients essential for heart health. It's great to see our people and our customers share this passion not just for our healthier food, but a healthier life all round - body, mind & soul. 4.  INNOVATION & CREATIVITY.We have helped change the way people eat on the move by being one of the first to serve up porridge to go in 2005, scrambling fresh superfood eggs to order since 2009 and creating our famous Energy Pods in 2011. We love innovation in fast food and we seek inspiration from across the culinary world. We're also proud of our stance on environmentally responsible retailing (see Think Green). In pod I wanted to build a business that helps people to enjoy a healthier life, nurtures those who work within it and that they and I can all be proud of. I'm delighted that so many of you enjoy what we're doing and I really appreciate all the feedback you give us. If you'd like to get in touch please drop me a line at Tim Hall, Founder
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