Over the 40 years, Saad Meats has grown from a small,  family-owned business to a well known brand with a reputation for great tasting, premium quality products. Saad Meats and its subsidiary Sharifa Halal  provide  a full line of halal beef, veal and poultry produts that include halal deli meat, and is among the industry’s leaders in both quality and sales. Saad Meats manufactures and markets many respected, dynamic name-brand products sold at retail venues from supermarkets to convenience stores, and foodservice arenas. Our number one priority is food safety and customer satisfaction. Our processing plant is USDA approved and government inspected for quality and safety. Certified Halal Meat.   Since 1976. Saad Wholesale Meats has been offering Halal Meats to the Muslim community in the greater Metro Detroit Area.  Over the years, the popularity of Halal Meat in America has rapidly grown.  Since then, Islamic orginizations have formed to insure that those who provide Halal Meats are slaughtering, preparing, and handling the meats under Islamic law.  Although not required by American law or Islamic guidelines, our meats are certified Halal and adhire to all Islamic rules. What is Zabhia Halal? Halal is an Arabic word meaning “allowed” or” lawful”. The Qur’anic term Halal is that which is permitted and allowed by Allah. Zabiha is an Arabic word, which means “slaughter”according to the teachings of Islam. According to the zabiha principles, animals are hand slaughtered by slitting the throat. The blood of the animals is thoroughly removed from the bodies. This assures the consumer of getting completely healthy meat processed in accordance with highest standars of cleanliness, purity, and healthiness. In addition to those of the Muslim faith, people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds look for the halal label on food to be assured of healthy, high quality foods. been pronounced if you have faith in His Signs. -Sura 6:118 , The Holy Quran
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