Executive Chef/Proprietor Moe Anbardar brings to Shiraz Cuisine 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. As a native of Tehran, Iran where large family gatherings became the culinary inspiration for Moe, he brings a fresh and innovative style to the kitchen.At his family home in Tehran, it was not uncommon for guests to be greeted and welcomed by his mother, who ushered them inside and offered refreshments. Later on he has earned his culinary experience under the guidance of some highly seasoned chefs at a number of five-star venues back home in Iran.Moe has migrated to US when he was in his 20’s and since then has worked very hard in dreams of opening his own establishment and running his own kitchen. Finally in 2008 he found his dream location in Watertown, MA and opened the Shiraz Cuisine.Moe resides in Watertown, MA with his wife and daughter enjoying the simple things in life such as fishing and reading.
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