Since the early 1980’s there has been a significant increase in the numbers of people from Turkey and other Mediterranean countries living in England. This coupled with an increase in the numbers of tourists visiting Turkey and the Mediterranean countries and acquiring taste for ethnic cuisine created greater demand for food from those countries.Our first supermarket was established in 1980 at Dalston, under the name of Herbtree Ltd, in response to demand for Turkish foods. In 1995 first TFC branded supermarket has been opened in Edmonton. Gradually our product range was increased when we realised that our customers wanted to buy products from other countries in our supermarkets. Today our supermarkets sell products from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, other Mediterranean countries and Africa.However the service philosophy of our supermarkets remains the same, that isproviding personal service to each customer, similar to the service the smallshopkeepers used to provide, in a modern setting. Our customers are able to buy everything they need under one roof in our supermarkets. They can choose fromfruit and vegetables, meat and delicatessen counters where everything is sold asweigh-out. We have in-store bakery in every supermarket. This enables us to provide fresh bread, pastries, Turkish sweets and savoury products.In order to meet customer demand and offer convenient shopping to our customerswe have established ten supermarkets within the M25 area. ‘There is a TFC nearyou’ in our advertisements is not just a clever marketing device.We believe that there is scope for our company to increase the number of our supermarkets and to this end we will aim to open two new stores each year.We are proud of our heritage and support social and cultural events within our community. ‘TFC Cultural Events Project’ in 2003 was an example of ourcommitment and contribution to Turkish cultural activities in London. The book fair and sponsorship of Turkish films were part of this project.
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