For years, masses of people have been flocking to the corner of 53rd street & 6th avenue to satisfy their hunger with simply the best meal in the City. Some people call it the ‘Platter’ while others know it as ‘Chicken & Rice’, the ‘Chicken Guy’ or the ‘Gyro Spot.’ Part of the secret to this delicious meal is in the white sauce. Nobody knows what it is, but everybody knows to ask for lots of it! In The Media “…the Halal Gyro and Chicken stand at 53rd Street and Avenue of the Americas were generous with their famous white sauce, which they drizzled over slices of lamb…Some vendors are busier than restaurants. Earlier this week, about a dozen illegally parked cars served as dining rooms for Halal Gyro and Chicken, which is so popular that fans have set up a Web site,” (New York Times: “When it comes to innovation, few vendors have proved the equal of…53rd and 6th. His employees wear uniforms of yellow — “We Are Different,” the T-shirts proclaim — and the business has a Web site,…” (New York Times:
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