At Türkis restaurants and at our take away stands, you can savour the flavour of original Anatolian cuisine. We freshly prepare all of our dishes daily, according to traditional recipes. From selecting the ingredients to presenting the dish on your plate, at every stage we take the utmost care in ensuring absolute cleanliness, storing food at the optimal temperature, and retaining vitamins and minerals by using special cooking methods – resulting in outstanding natural flavour. We only use meat from animals that have been slaughtered and butchered in accordance with halal practices. Our exclusive supplier, Abdullah Demirci, procures his meat from small farms in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria, and has a strong reputation throughout the Muslim community for the outstanding quality of his products. We import spices and seasoning mixes directly from Turkey – so we can conjure the authentic flavours of Anatolian cuisine right onto your plate in Vienna. It couldn’t be easier to be spirited away on a culinary holiday right on your doorstep! Find the real taste of Turkey any day of the week – at one of the ten branches of Türkis in Vienna and the surrounding area. In Türkis restaurants, only halal produce is used in our meat dishes. Apart from sticking to this one golden rule, we serve whatever tastes good! We buy our meat from Abdullah Fleisch. ( Abdullah Fleisch Website. ) What is halal? Food and other services that are prepared or performed in accordance with Islamic law are termed “halal”. The word halal comes from Arabic and can be translated as “permitted, clean.” Food and services that do not conform to Islamic law are called “haraam”. All animals (except for fish and other seafood) must be slaughtered in the halal manner by a Muslim in order for Muslims to be allowed to eat the meat.
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